Embroidered Jewel Brooch Night Walker - Princess Mononoke

Référence : SGA-37955

Maison Ghibli is very proud to present you its first creation of jewels in cannetille from Princess Mononoke, the majestic epic fresco from Hayao Miyazaki!

Made with admirable care and elegance, these brooches will allow you to wear the mythical characters of the film.

On the lapel of a jacket or hanging on your bag, these magnificent brooches will keep a little of the magic of this extraordinary film close to you.

Entirely handmade, this brooch is made by exceptional craftsmen who use their talents and unique know-how to create real little works of art to wear.

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Borrowed from military crests, cannetille or gold thread embroidery is a very old technique that appeared in Europe and Asia in the 17th century, requiring a delicate know-how and remarkable craftsmen.

A unique Maison Ghibli production.

Measure 6.5 x 5 cm
Material Felt, Brass
EAN 3760226379553

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