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Howl's Moving Caslte

Sophie's life changes the day she meets the beautiful and mysterious Hauru, a strange magician who wants to stay away from men. This encounter will arouse the jealousy of the witch of the Landes, who will punish her by turning her into a 90 year old woman.

Sophie will leave her dull existence and take to the road through a world at war. There she meets enigmatic companions, a demon and a castle on legs. Will she be able to escape her curse and rescue Hauru from the torment that haunts him?

Hauru no Ugoku Shiro (The Walking Castle) is adapted from the novel by Diana Wynne Jones. Although we find certain themes dear to Hayao Miyazaki, he shows us a less usual facet by presenting us with the destiny of this rich and confusing universe.

€2.00 - €600.00


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